AuZtralia – the Reviews

"The mechanics just work here! Weird!
I enjoyed this more than I expected to"

Heavy Cardboard Live Stream

"The game has a real personality to it... It’s a sharp, fun, funny, exciting, tension filled, dynamic, push your luck experience. Rock solid, really well considered. Very very high fun factor game. I’ve enjoyed this as a solo game. Man it is fast! Very very cool."

Rahdo's Final Thoughts:

Note: The Western map and 2-player variants directly address Rahdo's concerns.

"AuZtralia is more than just 18xx, Cthulhu and another train game by Martin Wallace. It has so more interesting mechanisms that makes this game so great. Set up is always different, every card you reveal changes the game"

Brettspiel Heroes German preview video

"it definitely is a weird one, and that’s precisely why it works for me. Part train game, part colony simulator, and part race against a host of extraterrestrial squid-monsters who dabble in mind control, AuZtralia is likely to stand out as one of Martin Wallace’s strangest — and best — offerings."

Dan the Innocent
on Space-Biff!

"This truly is Martin Wallace at his best... AuZtralia feels more like a video game than a board game; as I never thought you could have this number of different elements and depth in a board game. Never have I played a game like it. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see this game among the awards this year"

Dez Maggs (GoToGame)

"I really really enjoyed it. If you've enjoyed Martin Wallace games then you'll absolutely enjoy this one too." "Moves at an absolute clip!" "I'm loving the art in this game" "Great replayability"

The DiceMenCometh podcast

""Another great train game. A great twist on a genre. The theming is really great, the train mechanics are really great"

Bryan Drake video

"The solo system is brilliant. Every flip of the card brings out emotion!"

Stephen Croft (tester)