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Komodo Game - Build new territories. Save the animals. Steal and fight to win! Komodo - the award-winning new board game. Play competitively or collaboratively! Komodo - entire species depend on you, so you must be ruthless. Ask yourself: are you tough enough? Are you the kind of Zoologist who is bound for victory, or destined to extinction? Build your land, fight to protect your animals, steal when necessary! 2-4 players, Age 10+, 45-60 minutes.
  • Komodo Game Land and Animal cards
  • Komodo game Animal cards
  • Komodo game Animal and Bird markers
  • Komodo game - playing the animal escape card
  • Building new territories in Komoda game
  • Komodo game playing pieces

An excellent family game. I played this with kids and they just went bonkers over it - Tom Vasel, Florida, USA

Komodo Game. Award-winning, educational, strategic. fun for the whole family
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MANIFEST GAME Manifest - the new board game of Shipping, Cargo, Pirates and other trouble at Sea. It's the roaring 20s and fortunes can be made steaming across the wild oceans. You have ships full of passengers and precious cargo, but can you outrun pirate robbers, terrifying storms, and a stock market crash that might devalue your goods? Captain your ships, grab your cargo, deliver it first to win. 2-5 players, 45-60 minutes. English, French, German and Italian instructions on-line. Play Manifest now!
  • Manifest Game ships on playing board
  • Playing the Manifest Shipping Game
  • Manifest Game - Box lid with instructions
  • Manifest Shipping Game - Board and Shipping cards
  • Manifest Shipping Game - Contract Cards
  • Manifest Pirate Game - meeples
  • Manifest Shipping Game - Shipping Company cards
  • Manifest Ships from the 1920's era
Absolutely love this game. Perfect balance of strategy and ease of learning/teaching - Ben, Austin, Texas

Manifest Game - Shipping, Cargo, Pirates and trouble at sea. 2-5 players, 40-60 minutes.
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Kenakalan - the card game. Monkey Mischief in Bali! Play Kenakalan, the fun card game of Monkey Mischief and discover the truth: Are you the king of the operators or just monkeying around? Can you tell good from bad, wicked from wise? You're a tour operator competing for business on the paradise isle of Bali. Race to complete your tours while the monkeys cause havoc! Gorgeous photos and enough mischief for six players, age 8+. The kids will love it!
  • Kenakalan - beautiful playing cards
  • Kenakalan - your tour operator shop front
  • Kenakalan - playing cards close-up
  • Kenakalan - the card game with monkey trouble
  • Kenakalan - more playing cards
  • Kenakalan - the monkey card game for up to 6 players
  • Kenakalan - great for kids!
Very creative concept - a nice twist on rummy
Quick and easy to learn with beautiful cards

Kenakalan - the card game. 2-6 players, Age 8+
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